Hi! My name is Heather Tinker.  I adore my family and I’m passionate about being the best wife and mother I can be.  I’ve been married to the love of my life for 12 years, and his love and support are invaluable.  I am a Charlotte Mason-ish homeschooler of 5 years and mom to 5 kids from tween to tot.  I’m a firm believer in chocolate therapy and keepin’ it real.  I enjoy literature, music, and art ( although being cute and crafty are not my strong points).   Introvert all the way, I love to ponder and write.  I enjoy the challenge of taking something great, and by God’s grace, making it even better.  Let’s do this thing!

About Moments for Morale

If you’re anything like me, you’re deep in the trenches of motherhood and homeschooling.  Your day is a precarious mixture of diapers and dishes, laundry and lessons, nap-time and nature study.  Sometimes the reality of balancing it all feels heavy and overwhelming.  It crowds you with self-doubt.

But you know what?  You’ve got this!  You’re doing it! And I am too! Moments for Morale is especially for you, homeschooling moms, wherever you may be in your endeavors.  This blog is designed to offer you the camaraderie of an online community of your fellows in the trenches and big picture perspective from others who have been there before and made it through.  Every homeschool could use a little boost. 

Visit Moments for Morale to be uplifted, inspired, and encouraged without the pressure to conform or add yet another expert checklist of “must do” items to your already full day. You are the expertNo one knows your kids and all the varying details and specific circumstances like you do.  Live by faith and a mother’s intuition one day at a time. 

Trust that you’ll learn through wide reading and experimenting with new ideas within your own family and homeschool.  Trust that you’ll learn through experience—because really—there are few better ways. Join me in my journey to create morale boosting moments for my homeschool while learning to recognize and nurture the sweet moments that are already there. 

Let’s prioritize the things that matter most, breathe deeply, and take time toward a happier homeschool.

Heather Tinker

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